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3 years later. September 5, 2011

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It’s been almost 3 years since i last posted. Wow! that was a quick 3 years lol It only just hit me it’s been that the posts i wrote back then and it felt as if i was reading about someone else.Damn, time changes us big time…i am definately not that Twaddlie anymore, i have grown. One of these fine days i will start blogging again, mojo is slowly creeping back and things have changed for me in a very good way.Am good now, not that i haven’t been since 08′ but..its been a very busy 3 years zero mojo. It’s good, am happy where am at now.So yeah, i will be back. Blogsphere has been missed !


The look. November 6, 2008

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Sawa ! okay am sorry lol i do realise it has been five months since my last post but hey i can explain !

See, there’s this sweet thang in my presence that i just wanna eat up ! okay thats a bit i mean woiye she just gives me that look and am all mellow, i really can’t help it. I try ! after hours of rocking and singing and feeding and the whole shabang that will successfully give me at least a good half hour to myself in the morning, well at least before sweetness opens up her lungs in a cry that would convince anyone she is practically starving..that half hour is my gift from God- i know ! trust me, gals when/if you have a newborn, you will agree with me..half an hour is alot!

So anyway i need to do everything i want for the morning in that half hour..then back to the feed-change-rock-cuddle-sing to routine until the next little slot in the afte. Now its either i make big bkfast and chill out, take a luxury shower, clean up house, stare at sleeping beauty or sit at kompiyuta and browse blogs.
Me, i am a woman (lol like duh!) and because women have the great ability to multitask, i therefore usually grab quick bkfast and sit at kompiyuta having my bkfast with sleeping beauty strategically placed within ‘staring level’..and it seems to work for me. Problem is, because i have such a short time, i can only : click on link ( bite bread ) , scroll down page reading ( sip tea ) stare at sweetness for a sec and then click anaa link ! no time to comment, no time to sit there and reflect after reading your post ! certainly no time for me to post..kwanza the many times i have tried, man, it’s like she knows coz she gives me the look.That look that says ‘woiiiiiiiyeeeeeee’..the look that seems to tell me’ don’t you dare woman!’ and i just can’t resist so down coz the screen and yet again, i am prisoner to her look. lol

Look at that cute ,woishe-looking, pick-me-up, i want u look ! and how does she wake up looking so fwyne ? no ‘mathogos’ or whatever they’re called- that uchafu at the corner of your eyes when you wake drooling at corner of she’s just like her mummy on waking up- fresh and lovely like the morning daisy hahaha

aarrrggghh, I will soon come up with a look of my own that tells her ‘woiyeee kamoja tu ‘..a ka small post like this.

this is not the end..i shall be back !